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Post by perca on Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:44 pm

Alright, lots of things fixed, lots of things to go still. Let's start form the good news, as always >: D

Headers for both, portal and CLASH sections updated and rolling *links seen to be working, if not, let me know*. I still need to get the rest of em, gimme some time and I'll. As for the chat, I apologize for it to be a bit broken, but since none uses it (yeah, I said it, hit me), I won't fix it right now and will get other things together (it works but... well, it's there!).

Challenge for this week is set, so is the first Trial of the 100 Deaths. I'm still getting things together to post my own topic as example, but since I got my ass into Void battles again (har har har) I won't be able to do that soon, so anyone whiling to give it a shot before I do, be my guest <3 (any doubts, pm me and we can settle this, with FISTS).

Same goes for the feedbacks, I'll try my best to give em, but I'm still drawing stuff on the next week so, mimids will give em love when I can't. Asa I'm fly, I'll be all drawing over your pretteh drawings again guys har har har. You just be patient with the poor fish.

I'm glad to see you're putting effort on the CLASH arena, get things set guys, I wanna see battle rolling soon, don't disappoint. It sucks to be the only clasher of the website, seriously. I'm fighting myself here, EVERY SINGLE DAY! *and have to get the story mode done ugh*

And to be repetitive all over again: this goes for the guys who just created an account on Limestripe and didn't bother posting at least 1 comment: lurking is ok, but remember that members not listed on any of the privileged groups do not get access to most of the content of the boards. Come on guys, just a "hi" to let us know that you at least care XD I'll repeat this every single update, cuz I'm boring like that *and I do care, beaches! - I do typos for love.*

Anyway, get things rolling, I love you, seriously (minus baratacom, he's a faggot, but a lovely one ugh).

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