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Rule Instruction Booklet: read with care

Post by perca on Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:07 pm

Time to talk and share comic stuff, news and other fancy links! Feel free to chat about anything comic related here!

This is how it rolls.

Feel free to create new topics about specific subjects or just reply to an existing one. Pictures and links are allowed, as long as they’re under the “Board Behavior Rules” and “Image Content Rules and Galleries” terms, or they can be edited/deleted by the mod staff.

Critiques and replies
Keep it up!

If a topic reach 50 pages count it will get locked and the creator/anyone else is free to open a new one. Any issues can be reported to one of the moderators.

Mod Staff: perca, mimids, JetG, baratacom

Let’s chat about comics with respect and love!


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