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Rule Image Content Rules and Galleries

Post by perca on Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:39 pm

Being an art community, LIMESTRIPE has its own set of rules just for image content inside the boards. That includes posted pictures, avatars, signatures and any other kind of graphic stuff in the forum. The mod staff is very severe about infractions of said rules. Behave so that everybody can have an enjoyable place.

Images, Banners, and Avatars
They’re showing!

Banners (or signature images) and avatars can be used and personalized by all members. There are some restrictions about the content of those pictures. Any image with inappropriate content will be deleted by the mod staff with no previous warning.

::::What is acceptable
* Images of a tasteful nature, including images of individuals with reasonable censorship of body parts that would generally be considered sexual in nature.
* Images that generally wouldn't be considered offensive by most people.

::::What is not acceptable
* Banners featuring aspects which would be generally considered as "sex acts".
* Blatant images of a sexual and distasteful nature, including one or more parties engaging in touching/fondling of body parts, or alluding to other obscene acts.
* If your avatar/signature image contains a portion of a work made by another artist it will be removed by the staff at the request of the original artist.

What is yours is yours!

As a growing art community LIMESTRIPE welcomes all kinds of original artworks; but we MUST insist that the artwork which you submit be your own original works. Your art must be your own original creations and you may only use resources which are considered legitimate and legal. Submissions which make use of works without proper permission or licensing by the original author will be removed as they come to the attention of the staff. This policy applies to all sections of the forums.

If you have reason to believe that a LIMESTRIPE submission violates this policy you should report any of the board staff members.

Mod Staff: perca, mimids, JetG, baratacom

Mature Content
Not offensive at all!

Mature content specifically refers to posts that contain images, subject matter, or other themes which some viewers may find offensive, distasteful, or otherwise undesirable to view or to read. The most common ‘undesired’ viewing material may include, but is not limited to, images containing artistic nudity (see details below), large amounts of simulated blood and gore, or generally violent themes. There’s no need to hide that kind of content under “spoiler” tags or “preview” pictures.

LIMESTRIPE does not prohibit the submission of materials classified as pornographic or obscene, as long as they’re under “spoiler” tags or a “preview” picture, warning about the nature of the image. Only your own original artwork can be posted that way. There is no exception to this prohibition.

Certain content may be deemed obscene by the administration and as such the staff reserves the right to remove such content immediately upon discovery. The administration staff reserves the sole right to review and classify questionable material as obscene or not obscene. The community is very open hearted to all kinds of expressions on art; restrictions can be made due to members. Remember that the restrictions for original artworks listed above do not apply for the “Gallery” section, read about it further.

Image Dimensions
Keeping things in order!

::::All the illustrations
Please do not post images larger than 570 pixels wide. Images larger than this stretch the forum tables and make things look bad. Also try to keep the image file size under 1mb. Doing so makes the board load faster for all users.
Dimensions: 570 x Y maximum pixel width and height
Image Content Rules and Galleries Images13

Restriction of 20k file size for avatars uploaded to LIMESTRIPE.
Dimensions: 100 x 100 maximum pixel width and height
Image Content Rules and Galleries Avatar10

Here are the restrictions for banners, in order to keep the boards quick to load for all members and organized.
Dimensions: 500 x 100 maximum pixel width and height
Image Content Rules and Galleries Banner12

Hosting Pictures
Show us everything!

Members can use any hosting services for the pictures they upload to this board, but Limestripe is associated with "Servimg", making it easier to upload to the boards pictures that are hosted there. Creating an account on that host server is quick and free.

Sharing some love!

LIMESTRIPE has a system for uploading pictures directly to the site. It’s a very restrict system that will only be used to host special events. Normal members are not allowed to use it for hosting pictures of any sort, but all members are allowed to see, comment and rate pictures under the gallery system. Always remember that no members will have direct access to posting art on the gallery section, so always remember to send the pages for either perca, mimids (by pm or e-mail).

Images applying for the gallery section must apply under the following form:

Max Picture size: 700 kb
Max Length: 800 px
Max Image Height: 2400 px

Page submissions for the gallery must be named like 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg / 01.png, 02.png, 03.png / 01.gif, 02.gif, 03.gif (different names will be changed by the staff and/or the member who posted will be asked to rename and repost the pages). Pages that are not following the limits of size and length/height can and will be edited by the staff if necessary.

Due to the board main system, rates can be changed during the event time. We would like to ask users to not keep changing the marks given to the artworks.Another system option that can’t be disabled by the staff yet is the “special effects” option over all submission pictures on the galleries. Using the "special effects" tool is terminally prohibited, as it allows third party to distort pictures posted on the galleries. There is no exception to this prohibition.

The staff keeps backups of all pictures before they’re actually submitted, so as to prevent any distortion of the original artwork during the event time. The moderation staff can keep track of members editing/distorting the pictures. Members caught doing any picture alterations on the public gallery will get a warning at the first time of the infraction and a ban at the second. There’s no tolerance for breaking this rule.

Any kind of mature content is allowed on submissions for the gallery and don't need warnings of any sort when posted. That just applies for your own original artwork posted on that section of the boards.


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