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Rule Board Behavior Rules

Post by perca on Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:35 pm

As all communities, this one has some rules to keep the place friendly, fun and organized. Respecting and following this will keep us from having lots of trouble and stress in the future. These rules are applicable in all forums and site facilities. Individual forum rules created by the boards moderators may supplement these rules. Visitors are expected to refer to those and agree to comply before participating in the community. Breaking the rules will end up on punishment from warnings to IP ban. Rules exist to help the community. Have that in mind and stick to them. We can all have fun with respect.

Quick Rules Review
Respect the future!

* When giving advice and critics, remember that while anyone can be a critic, not everyone can be a helper. Please aim to help.
* Stay on topic at all times.
* Adult content is allowed, as long as it's not offensive (what we consider offensive is explained at “Image Content Rules and Galleries”).
* Try not to post duplicate threads.
* If you have a problem with someone or disagrees with some mod decision, resolve it through PMs; the other members are not interested.
* Do not bring matters from other forums/sites to start ofensive discussions.
* Do not flood a forum.
* Do not impersonate other members.
* Do not make useless posts that are meant to launch your thread to the top of the list.
* Do not spam.
* Do not use other accounts to break any of the forum rules.
* Do not attempt to break forum rules as a guest.
* Do not create additional registered accounts to bypass an issued ban.
* Do not aid other guests/members to bypass bans.
* Do not advertise other websites/forums that are not related to this board content.
* Do not use inappropriate avatars, custom titles or signatures.
* Do not pose as an administrative staff member or moderator.

With these aspects you can help an artist improve!

Critics are supposed to help artists improve. When commenting other people’s works it’s ok to point out what you liked in the piece and also what you disliked. Compliments and constructive criticism have to walk side-by-side in order to help an artist’s development. Receiving critique and your response to positive or negative feedback is also important here. Remember, critiques are a great way for you and all the artists here to learn. Don’t reply to critics with excuses. Show your point with art and effort.

::::Positive Points
Constructive criticism is not likely to be accepted immediately. Being able to present constructive criticism in a positive way, as well as open communication, takes practice. Constructive criticism must be used effectively if the receiver is to improve. That means that it's fine to post a comment full of compliments, as long as those actually add something to artistic development. Comments like “Oh God, you’re so awesome!” can be constructive if said like “Oh God, you’re so awesome! The way you draw hair is so natural and look so real!”. Showing the artists what you liked on their art is as important as pointing the flaws on said pieces. By telling them the things that you like, this will help them realize what areas they are strong in.

::::Negative Points
Give the negative points of the artwork. This should still be done in a positive way.
Try using words that pull you into the work. Be honest. Give points on how to improve the negative areas you just pointed out. This is very key, if you say an area needs work and leave it at that, the artist will not know how to improve it. Give examples, share links/images, make your point clear for the artists. When criticizing a piece, it’s a good idea to examine the picture as a whole. If you can't find a positive aspect then it’s better to look further or not give a critique at all.

Flaming is against the rules, and can get you warned or banned. This also includes posting pictures consisting of flamatory statements- bottom line, anything used to insult does not belong on this forum.
Please deal with flaming by ignoring it and reporting it. Quoting and responding to a person who is flaming can add insult to injury, especially if you flame back. In the end, it does not matter who starts it- just report and ignore it. Please be careful with your language; not everyone views swearing as you might, so keep it to a minimum.

Do we have one?

LIMESTRIPE has its own irc chatroom, located "Chat” button of the main navigation bar of the boards. It can only be used by members of the community. All the behavior rules of the forum applies for the chatroom content, moderators will save a backup of all the chats and logs. Breaking behavior rules inside the chat will be punished the same way as breaking them on the boards. Moderators are very severe about infractions. Behave well and everything will be fine. Any chatroom abuse should be reported to any of the site/chatroom moderators.

Let’s groove!

Behavior rules apply for the galleries as well. Any offensive content will receive warnings and/or be punished. The gallery has its own set of rules in addition to the ones presented here, take a look at “Image content rules and Galleries ” for more information about the “Gallery” section of the boards.

Site Abuse
Don't mess with the boards!

LIMESTRIPE staff will not tolerate attempts to exploit or disrupt the layout, navigability, or general use of the site. Such actions disrupt the ability of the community to access and review the boards content and are considered site abuse.
The staff will issue no warnings for violations of this nature. Violators will be banned immediately upon the discovery of the disruption or abuse.

Disciplinary Measures
We do our best!

Admins and moderators don't always give warnings before banning. When they do give warnings, you get one without any other additional penalties, a ban of some specified duration with the second, and there is no third warning; it’s permanent ban as the last result. Length of ban, or if warnings are to be given is entirely at the discretion of forum staff – punishment is not carved in stone, sometimes it can still be discussed between the involved parties.
Appeals, inquiries, or questions concerning content removals, violation notices, account suspensions, or other administrative actions should be addressed directly by PM or e-mail to the board staff.

Mod Staff: perca, mimids, JetG, baratacom

Last Words
It was long but worth it!

The rules above were designed to ensure that all visitors to Limestripe have an enjoyable experience. Please try to maintain your best behaviour at all times while you're here. There may also be some variability in actions taken against rule infractions, but all will fall within the general scope and intent of these rules. Always remember that this is a community that developed before you got here. And don't forget to have fun!


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