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Post by perca on Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:46 pm

When something wasn’t working but is just fine now… here is where you’ll be informed of it! All bugs and fixes solved will be listed so the members won’t lose track on the community situation. Let’s keep things rolling! Past news will be listed in this topic for reference.

This section will be updated every Sunday, as it's set as the board weekly maintence day. Enjoy!

The doom's day
Why not Friday?

Sunday is the best day for the staff to sit along and get things rolling on the boards, such as recovering data, planing events, get records and awarding winners. On Sundays no submissions will be accepted to any of the board events, there's no point on arguing. The staff won't close the boards while doing the maintence, but members will be warned when the thing is rolling.

We do have one!

Events and news will also be posted on the board's blog, at “LIMESTRIPE.blogspot”. Stay tuned for board awesome sauce, updated every Sunday!


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