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Post by perca on Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:14 pm

If you’re reading this… Welcome, newcomer (or at least curious person)!! This is the very entrance to LIMESTRIPE Boards! Aren’t you excited? Fasten your seatbelt and let the trip begin!

About this place
And it’s rolling for sure!

LIMESTRIPE is lots of things. From the silliest idea of a small Brazilian group to an open hearted desire. Sounds important, hu? Cutting things short, this is an international community for sequential art lovers/students to interact, share opinions/experiences and… have fun. The main idea of this board is to provide supplies and improvement tools for everybody willing to get serious on sequential art. “What does that mean?” you might be wondering. It means that people here take comics really serious and are aiming for a professional future on sequential art. Scared? You shouldn’t be… Effort can be fun!

About the idea

Dreams can be true!

The main idea of the boards is to create situations where everybody willing to improve gets all that is needed for improvement from the boards and its users. Sounds complicated but what we really want is to help artists with feedback and motivation to rock on! With that said, let’s explain the boards goals in more detail:

1) Guidance: part of the boards is dedicated to teach beginners on the sequential art ways, by: suggesting exercises, giving feedback, sharing supplies and creating an atmosphere for those starter artists to get the grip of comics and all that is worth about it.
2) Motivation: most of the boards will provide exercises, challenges, contests, tournaments and other related stuff for all artistic levels. Means this is not just about learning, but about practicing too!
3) Supplies: here strongly support sharing. There are board sections dedicated to it, from traditional to digital medias.

Board Features
Where, what and how?

The main idea of LIMESTRIPE is to provide the members tools inside the boards to make the community experience something different and enjoyable. With that said, let's get started to the extra board tools inside LIMESTRIPE:

::::User Groups
This is a solution the staff found for keeping the place secure from third party and protecting it's content from burglars/bad intentioned people; users are divided by groups, and each group has it's set of privileges inside the boards, as listed bellow:

* Administrators: board owners and main staff members. Supreme board privileges; can create, edit and delete topics, make topics stick and post announcements. Administrators can also change and fix the board setup and features. Closed group.

* Moderator: staff members responsible for board maintence and order. High board privileges; can create, edit and delete topics, make topics stick and post announcements. Closed group. New members can be added to this group by Administrator's decision.

* Clasher: active members that got the highest board privileges a normal member can have: use the “Gallery” section and join the “The CLASH”. Members of this group have access to all boards (minus the administration ones) and can vote on all events. Closed group. Members will be added to this group when they reach 40 Bps (read about it on "Board Points System and Clash Points”).

* Stripe: active members. Members of this board can access all boards (minus administration ones), but can't post content under the CLASH arenas or “Gallery” section of the boards (they can still view, comment and vote on the events but can't participate of the real thing). Closed group. Members are added to this group as soon as they reach the mark of 3 comments total inside the boards (the staff members take a close look to the new additions, the group updates are made everyday, but the delay can vary - depending on staff availability).

* Not sorted: Default for new registrant members. Registered members can view and comment on existent topics, but can't vote on events. They can also use the chatroom. Not sorted members don't have access to the “Gallery” section.

* Guest: Default for not registered users. Guests have low privileges, not being able to comment or vote. Also, not registered members can't use the chatroom and view the “Gallery” or “The CLASH” sections/zones of the board.

* Arrested: Members under punishment from the “Board Behavior Rules” and “Image content rules and Galleries” terms. Members under this section can't see any of the boards till the punishment time spawn is over. Closed group. Only Administrators can add members to this group.

The gallery is a place for posting comic pages related to the CLASH arenas; members only tool that displays the comic pages posted inside that section - also allows members to interact and comment each page of the comic submission. Only members under "Clasher" group can submit pages inside this section, but members from "Stripe" and up groups can view, comment and vote “Gallery” content. Pictures posted under this area had to be approved by the moderation staff before they get published on the boards(read “Image content rules and Galleries” for more information about this section of the boards).

LIMESTRIPE has set it's own irc chat channel for members to interact in real time inside the boards and have fun. The "Chatroom" is moderated and it's content must apply under “Board Behavior Rules” and “Image content rules and Galleries”, keeping the respect and peace around the community. Registered members feature.

Board Guide
Where, what and how?

LIMESTRIPE is divided in various sections dedicated to different activities. We don’t want you to get lost in the maze, so let’s take a quick look at some important board links and sections (also a good idea to take a look on the “Forum Map”, as all the most important topics of the board are listed and explained there), but first, a quick guide on the topic tittle icons for reference:

Newcomers Sandbox Ok > this icon marks the main board rules for each section.
Newcomers Sandbox Arrow > this icon marks important basic topics under the board structure, with additional information to the rules or quick integration with users and the staff.
Newcomers Sandbox Feed210 > this icon is only applied under "Sketch Break”, letting everybody know who wants to receive feedback.
Newcomers Sandbox Defaul10 > this icon is only applied under “The CLASH” area of the board, to make it easier to not lose track on character submissions that are still waiting for approval on "Wannabe Rookie” section.
Newcomers Sandbox Ok14 > this icon is only applied under “The CLASH” area of the board, to make it easier to not lose track on character submissions that got accepted on "Wannabe Rookie” section.

And now, the listed main sections of LIMESTRIPE boards for quick reference:

::::Main Street
The place where introduction to the boards and events announcements are. It’s also the place to introduce new members to the community. It's highly recommended that you take a look at “Board Behavior Rules” and “Introduce Yourself” topics before messing around the rest of the boards.

Special events of the boards such as contests, tournaments and challenges will be rolling in that section.

::::The CLASH
Special arena reserved for the best scores of the board to challenge each other and have special tournaments. Read "Board Points System and CLASH Points” for further information.

::::No Limits Limit
Members’ portfolios and sketchbooks are posted there, as well as personal archives for the board’s events, drawing exercises and guidance for beginners at sequential art world. Also the place for sharing links and other art supplies.

The right place for critics and suggestions about LIMESTRIPE and reporting bugs from all boards sections.

::::Spit It Out
Where you can chat about random stuff and entertainment. But don’t chill too much!

What, who, why?

Moderators oversee specific forums. They generally have the ability to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other manipulations. Becoming a moderator for a specific forum is usually a reward to users who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the forum they are invited to moderate. Don’t ask/beg/annoy us to become a moderator; if we need more staff members, we’ll pick members under the boards criteria. Right now, all the staff is active and rolling so, if you need help, feel free to PM one of the mods.

Mod Staff: perca, mimids, JetG, baratacom


How about serious business?

All work submitted here must be your original work. If it is determined that you have 'ripped' another artist's work you will be banned permanently. The misuse or stealing of other artists work is taken very seriously here; there will be little or no quarter given in these decisions. Other than that... We would be glad to have more and more art coming to us! After all, we're still an art community full of love to share!

All in all, these are pretty much the basic steps for joining the group and understanding what Limestripe is about. Hope you enjoy the place and can have lots of fun with us!



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