Oekaki is rolling for reals!!!!

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Oekaki is rolling for reals!!!! Empty Oekaki is rolling for reals!!!!

Post by perca on Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:54 pm

I won't wait for the Maintence Sunday to share the good news, I'm inpatient!!!! So.. yeah, I've got some awesome news for everybody, and also some warnings:

First of, I must thank baratacom for his services of finding the MIRC gate for the "Limechat". The client is #limechat@everywherechat.com so if you're willing to use it, feel free to do it!

I was finally able to find a host that suits everybody and doesn't laggy the oekaki to death! Now everybody can register (since the last log had to be erased) and use the services; no annoying pop up or 15 years of load delay! Be may guest and join the "Limekaki"!

Now about the warnings...The permissions and access of the boards for members have being updated this week and are following the terms under "Newscomers Sandbox". I don't know if everybody remembers this, but as stated on the rules, just registering to the boards does not allow the full access all the site sections and all the jazz. One must at least post one comment on any of the board sections available for normal members to post, so that the staff can change the user's privilege. This can sound annoying, but this is also the staff solution to prevent some unnecessary drama later on. If you're one of the new folks that did not post anything yet, I would recommend to do that now <3

Past events on the "Activities" are still valid till October, so everybody willing to give em a try (including myself uu) still have the rest of September to give it a shot, and yes, those events are giving the participants the BPs awards, no shit. Same about the extra points for "The CLASH" events rolling on the beta testing period (read here for more info)

That's all for now, stay tuned and eat your vegetables!

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