The Bad, The Good and The AWESOME news <3

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The Bad, The Good and The AWESOME news <3 Empty The Bad, The Good and The AWESOME news <3

Post by perca on Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:10 pm

All right, time for sharing the board updates and let everybody know what's going on inside the community. Let's get this started already <3

First off, I would like to apologize about the "great opening" that was supposed to happen today. Some stuff stood in our way, so the staff sat together and decided that it would be a best move to procrastinate the real opening for October. Reasons are: none of us were able to get the contests/challenges done yet; there are still some graphics are not done (I mean headers, promo and other stuff related to the boards appearance); none of us have a char in yet (I blame myself T_T) and we don't want to open the board without any combats rolling (I need to test the gallery system still XD).

So yeah, October. Means you guys have another month to get stuff done, we'll give our best to set everything for next month, hurry up!

We bought the domain but the old link is still working, just to let you all know <333 Also bought some host storage for the oekaki and other board stuff, still getting it set so it can be a bit laggy (but the damn pop up will NEVER mess with you again guys, I swear!). I'm still looking for a solution for the "Pain BSS with palette" problem, but if I can't find a solution, I'll just take that option down. There are still other 4 options there, guess you all can survive XD

I've also started to announce about the website on my DA. It's not something official, and I won't give extra details, let's see how curious people can be XD - hope some people get interested on the project, but still ...). I'm saving a more aggressive marketing for October, let's just keep it rolling till then, testing things and such. We can totally do it.

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