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Post by perca on Mon Aug 25, 2008 1:37 pm

Ok, since I'm still fixing and adding stuff for the boards and I really think it's a good idea to share what's going to all members, here goes a list of things we were wondering about adding to the boards but

>> Pchat: This was a hard call, we were stuck between the oekaki (that I'm already installing) ad the pchat idea. From experience, I know how a pchat eats our time and also how it uses to impulse us to draw the same thing over and over. Another problem is the spam control inside the pchat system. So, the oekaki was a way better solution, having in mind what the boards are for (sketch in your free time, share ideas. break the rules and I break your neck <3).

>> Radio station: Ok... no. Just because:
a) It lags the hell outta low connections;
b)Everybody has it own set of music tastes;
c)It's useless, since the pages will be reloaded all the time.

But for people that wants to post music on their comic entries, give it a shot on "BOOmp3", I'm totally using it XD

>> Wiki: obvious reasons, since for now we don't have enough information form the world, battles or anything to make it worth it. Maybe later on we can go back on this subject, but for now, it's a no no.

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