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Post by perca on Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:04 pm

Er.. Hi there >_<

Ok as everybody already know, I got stuck for the last week on SDL (Deviant related), and wasn't able to take care of some stuff around, I'm rushing to make up for this and apologize for the negligence. Let's see what is rolling now:

First of, one reminder: asa September ends, the "open beta" status of the board will be taken off and some things may change. The most important one is the BPs requirement for getting the chars inside the clash arenas, so it would be wise to get your characters set before this happens (not pulling pressure, just letting you guys know. This rule applies to myself as well, so... A-hem, I better hurry!).

Another change we made this last week is the "sketch break" section. It was confusing and also a waste, since we already have a 2 spots for critiques on the board, so sitting together with the staff we decided to change the name of that section to "showcase zone" and I'm changing the rules for it as well, turning that section on a portfolio, where one can just post the desired art without getting comments/feedbacks for it. Kinda like a personal album. So.. posts made on the late "sketch break" days will be moved to the newest section, leaving only topics with just art and the proper artist comments on it. Just letting you guys know.

Also fixing some stuff on the chat, forgive me for future glitches it can have in the process (the base host had changed, I'm still getting used to the new setting of it). It seen like the colors of it can be changed now! Yay!!!

Still waiting for the reply of the oekaki Bss website, hope they give us our own board XD Let's pray together!!!

That's pretteh much all for now, sorry again and stay tuned for new stuff!

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