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Rule Silent written unwritten rules of the board

Post by mimids on Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:31 am

Ok, since even I was breaking the silent rules by mistake, I decided to "whisper" them so everybody can have an idea of those official non official rules for posting, drawing and interacting on LIMESTRIPE. The following explains what we expect from everybody here and also what we don't want to bring to this community. No punishment will be inflicted to any member breaking the following rules, they just exist to let the members know the main staff mentality inside the site. With that said, let's start:

Events board
Why so?

When producing art for that section, pay attention in the content. Since LIMESTRIPE main goal is to "force" artists to draw stuff they're not used to, step away from drawing things inside your safety zone. That means for example, if you're used to draw characters facing left, try your best to draw the opposite; if you draw lots of females, try drawing males more often for the events. Also, avoid posting old drawings just because they fit the subject. The events goal is to provide the artists an opportunity to practice drawings. Posting old stuff is not practice. No staff member will keep track of everybody's past to check if a submission breaks this silent rule or not. It's all about being honest to yourself.

We don't expect finished drawings for the events, but we do expect at least polished enough sketches that people can understand what's drawn. There's a difference between quick sketches and half assed scraps. And everybody can tell.

CLASH arenas
Hum, I got it!

Same remark: think outside the box. Don't enter the arena with characters you're used to drawing. Step away from the safety zone. Don't recycle drawings, posting old char sheets or pages. Doing so, you're not being smart, since you're skipping an opportunity to practice. The staff won't chase people who do so. It's a silent rule. Being "smart ass" will only harm one person: yourself.

Another important remark: LIMESTRIPE's main focus is art, not plot. We advize the members to stay away from characters with complex backgrounds or explanations inside the arenas. The CLASH is for art development. The world story and universe were made in a way so that it's easier to fit any character without the necessity to set a huge background or explanations to anything related to the said character. It's all on to "draw more and say less".

When fighting on the arenas we advize to not plan ahead everything that will happen in the next 5847857485 fights. That's not how the board rolls, we don't want members to waste time plotting for a place where the main focus is art. We don't expect an epic story from our members. Being entertain is not the same as being complex. We don't want the members to lose track on the site goal. Don't expect winning a match due to best writing. We want to see art improvement. It's totally cool to win with more effort though (more pages, colors, inking - drawing related!). The staff can't keep track of this and no one breaking this rule will be warned. But the silent rule exists.

We're still open for "trying" to critique plots if a member wants to receive that kind of feedback, but it's remarkable that most of the members are artists, not writers. Once again, the main focus of the site is on art first and second, story takes the third place.

When using other artists character, it's a good idea to ask the said artist first. It's about being polite (you can still just draw the character as a cameo). Using other artists character is totally cool, just avoid creating a "club" on your comics, drawing the same characters over and over. Once again, focus on drawing things you're not used; to homage is ok, but everything in excess is not.

On non collaborative matches, the winner's stories turns to be the "official" destiny of involved characters. When the loser artist ignores that on next battles, it's the same as saying "I had planned before hand/disagree with you, so I'll stick with my plan". That's the worst way of settling things, it kills the "think outside the box" philosophy. Use that opportunity to create new resolutions for the character. Don't feel like losing a match is a waste of time/pages just because the story will not be official. Feel pity on the plot and not getting able to let go and continue is a no no on LIMESTRIPE. Nothing is a waste, everything is an experience. Breaking this silent rule is almost the same as breaking the re-cycle ones. Don't get attached to your productions in a way that blocks/limits your creativity and experiences.

Chat and Chitchat
Yay I love it!

Following rules apply for both board and chatroom. I whisper silent rules at will!

We expect everybody to understand that LIMESTRIPE matters should stay inside the site, and so other sites/communities subjects. It's all fine to talk about other places inside the site, as long as it's respectful and coherent. Bringing fights from outside is a waste of time for this community, have this in mind when posting on the boards. No one here cares about flaming other places or even users. Personal fights should be solved outside the site.

On LIMESTRIPE, no one cares about your past, we care about your production. This is a very important statement. Judging people for things they had done outside the site is a waste of time. Once again, have this in mind before posting.

The site allows mature content, but that does not mean that people should spam mature terms all around the place. Keep that in mind, some terms may not sound offensive to some members but can sound that way to others. Free speech is different from being rude and immature. We're all grown up and (hopefully) mature to keep conversations on acceptable levels.

Now it's over

Saving the best for last, the golden silent rule: If the site is not providing you anything you wanted and/or looks like not evolving into something you desired - turning into a place that no longer suit your goals-, there is no point in staying. Starting fires, flaming and complaining is pointless. No one can ask horses to be apples (well, that's possible, but won't happen XD). We ask people with different points of view to try understanding the place, giving advices for it to improve and get more and more fancy. Flamatory comparison or rude/bad developed critiques won't help the site to grow and prosper. The staff will not block/ignore any kind of critiques to the site, as long as they're coherent. I know that it's hard to believe, but the staff team of LIMESTRIPE is not a bunch of douches. We all love you.

That's pretteh much all the silent behavior rules of the whole site. Once again, the staff will not chase anyone with torches for breaking the said rules, it's just a matter of sublimity! All in all, we hope everything is clear enough about the board policies. Any doubts, feel free to poke any of the staff members.

Mod Staff: perca, mimids, JetG, baratacom

Remember, the silent rules make the world spins!



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