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Post by perca on Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:44 am

LIMESTRIPE is open, but still on beta test mode. With that said, some rules may be modified in these first two months in order to get the boards roll better and get everything fixed and tested before the real opening of version 1.0 of the site.

Go for it!

One of the main modifications on the said rules for the beta period is that there will be no requirements for joining the arenas. All the members whiling to have a character has to do is create a topic under "Wannabe Rookie with the character application, following "Instruction Booklet: start with care and just wait for the staff approval when the submission is complete (then follow the rest of the steps for getting the character ready to battle, as explained on Instruction Booklet: join with care).

Also, to give an extra "spice" for the board opening, battles that start/happen on the beta period of September-October will award the participants 5 extra clash points on the end of said events.

Yeah, they rock!

For the events board, no tournaments are planned on the period of the beta testing. No events are planned for September, so events 0A and 0B from both challenges and contests are open, but won't grant any board points or competition. Events will start on the maintence Sunday of 28 September, stay tuned for those. Ignore the clocks, since we're still testing their script for now.

Is it?

On the rest of the boards, there can be some layout modifications on the said beta period; we ask the members to be report any modification on the site or critics on the new stuff. Remember to also take a look on the site blog on "Blogspot, for more in dept information about the board updates and ideas.

The staff will keep the members informed of said changes/tests. Any doubts, contact one of the moderators.

Mod Staff: perca, mimids, JetG, baratacom

That's it, let's rock this already!



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