Board Points System and CLASH Points

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Important Board Points System and CLASH Points

Post by perca on Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:25 pm

Unlike most boards, LIMESTRIPE does not have the standard “rank per # of posts”. Instead, we use a score system, kind of like a videogame, where certain actions will increase or lower your points. “Board Points” (BPs) are acquired by participating in events, maintenance and growth of the community as a whole. The board will keep score of its members’ points, spotlighting those with more points. The BPs will reset on a yearly basis (since they’re dependant on the event division through the year), however, the board will still keep the total score.

Board Points
Pretteh much all about it!

Upon registration, each member will receive 35 BPs. Below is a chart for the amount of BPs acquired per event:

* Making a “Challenge” entry grants 1 BP; it’s possible to get more than 1 BP by submitting more than a single entry for a said Challenge and also possible to participate on both Challenges for that week, thus receiving 2 BPs total instead. It is possible to take place in past Challenges - that will give extra points!
* Making a “Trial of the 100 Deaths” entry grants 1 BP per said challenge; Complete the 100 challenges list to get a 100 extra BPs (yeah, I'm serious!)!!
* A “Contest” winners will receive 4 points once the event is over. Just taking part in a Contest award you in 3 points; one needs to win it in order to receive the extra points. Again, it is possible to take place in both Contests for the month and receive a total of 8 BPs if both are cleared (plus the inscription points).
* The “Tournament” Kings/Queens will receive 25 BPs at the end of the event. Just taking part in a Tournament get you 10 points at the start of said event (if one does not default, huh?).
* Once the year ends, the top 5 members BP-wise will receive 30 additional points (if ties occur, all the involved parts will be claimed “winner”).
* The member that at the end of the year had contributed the most for forum maintenance and growth will receive 20 additional points from the staff team. The choice will be secretly made by the staff team, but the chosen one will be publicly announced by the end of the year.

::::Loosing BPs
The only way of losing BPs is due to punishment for going against LIMESTRIPE’s “Board Behavior Rules” and “Image content rules and Galleries”. There are 3 levels of punishment to infractions:

1) The member involved at the event gets a warning from one of the staff members at the first time the infraction is committed;
2) When the same violation is committed for a second time by the same person, it leads to a 35 BP penalty and another warning by a staff member;
3) Breaking the same rule for a third time leads to a total loss of BPs from the infractor.
4) When a member breaks the same rule for more than 3 times, it's permanent ban. The mod staff is very strict about rule infractors.

CLASH Points
Pretteh much all about it!

The CLASH arena is reserved for the members with higher BPs and better performance. All members will be able to follow, comment and vote in the CLASH events, but only those within the “Clasher” group will be able to post new topics and battle using the “Gallery” system. In order to become a “Clasher”, the artist will need to get 40 or more BPs.

The CLASH point system is different and independent from that of the boards. Each member will receive 10 CLASH Points (CPs) upon registering, regardless of being a “Clasher” or not. The user’s BPs won’t affect in anyway the user’s CPs once the required 40 is met. “Clashers” will receive more CP through battling each other or winning tournaments or other The CLASH-specific events.

There are several types of battles on the CLASH arena (that are more detailed under “Battle Form”), and the extra points award system may vary depending on the mode and style of the match.

Match modes points award
The following applies for all kinds of match modes (minus Story and Complementary modes):

* Battling with same level or lower level characters will grant 10 points once the voting is finished.
* Battling with higher level characters will grant 15 points once the voting is finished. Please note that the number of points is fixed (15) regardless of the level difference, so that battling a character 01 level above yours will get you the same number of points as battling a character 27 levels higher than yours).
* The battle winner will receive an additional 10 CPs once the voting is finished.
* CLASH Tournament/Events CP prizes will vary according to the Tournament/Event. There are no fixed rules for those.

OBS. Survivor mode gives 5 extra points for each extra opponent the winner had beat, not counting the first one (for example, the winner of a match between 6 people would receive 20 extra points - 5 opponents minus the first one = 4 x 5 points for each extra enemy). There can't be any 1x1 survival matches, being 3 the minimum of participants for that event.

Upon acquiring 100 CPs, the Clasher will “level up” and his bar will reset back to 10 CPs. A Clasher’s level works as a counter for amount of battles and, possibly, artistic ability of the Clasher (it is also possible to use it as a way to make a “leveling character” that gains more power as the Clasher grows in level).

Story and Contribution mode submissions
* All artists involved on those kind of comics listed above gets 10 points after the voting week for the said match is over (there can be extra points for applying on different match styles -read further for more information)
* Same artist can't submit two matches of those kinds in a row (Story followed by Complementary is also not allowed so isn't the reverse order)

Match styles points award
Different styles gives different ammount of extra points, as following:

* normal: no extra points for the participants or winner
* add: no extra points for the participants or winner
* steal: 5 extra points for the winner
* mutilation: 5 extra points for the winner
* death: the winner get's 1 whole Clash level up and the loser decreases 1 clash level. Exeptions can happen under tournament events.

::::Losing CPs
Just like BPs, the only way to lose CPs is through violating LIMESTRIPE’s “Board Behavior Rules” and “Image content rules and Galleries”. Deplenishing your CPs will result in losing all rights to access this forum section (the option “The CLASH” is inexistent in the board listing for “guests” and those with 0 CPs). The CPs penalty may vary depending on the staff judgment of the situation.

Character Levels and Teams
Inside The CLASH there are more systems than just the Clash level. They're the Character level and Teams. You can read more about them on “Cast acceptance and Placement”.

Long story short, Teams work this way: fighting artists from the oposite team can grant the participants extra CPs and the team system will also be used for couple missions or other special battles. Fighting members from the oposite team grants 5 extra CPs to all the participants of the said match. Fighting members of the same team does not grant any extra points.

Character levels is a different system from BPs or CPs and has nothing to do with them; more information about it can also be found on “Cast acceptance and Placement”.

If you have any further questions, please, contact a moderator.

Mod Staff: perca, mimids, JetG, baratacom

That's how it rolls, enjoy and never forget to draw, lots!


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